Ecommerce conversion report by ONIL Agency

Ecommerce conversion report

Make sure your ecommerce store isn’t losing you sales

Our ecommerce analysists, with over 200 ecommerce stores created, will do an analysis and give you all the keys to selling more than ever.
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Did you know that 69% of ecommerce stores are losing sales every day?

Even stores that were recently created aren’t optimized to maximize sales, which means their annual sales are much lower than they could be.

48% of ecommerce stores don’t fully capitalize on online sales channels.

Without a good omnichannel strategy, you risk not reaching potential clients.

79% of users will not return to an ecommerce site with poor performance

If you don’t want to lose clients, you store needs to be perfect from the first visit.

Ecommerce stores see 43% les traffic due to bad SEO

Search engines bring you free traffic. With just one mistake you could be rising half your sales.

Don’t miss out on more sales and waste all the potential of your ecommerce store

What will I receive?

Our ecommerce experts will email you a full report for your ecommerce store in which they will analyze:

  • Your store’s installation and sales channels.
  • Your store’s performance and how it affects your users.
  • The status of your SEO and how it affects your positioning.
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In the report you’ll find out about:

Annual sales lost

Annual visits lost

Your ecommerce store’s rating

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Get advice in your email

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